Want healthy children? Keep electronic devices out of their sleep space

Want healthy children?  Keep electronic devices out of their sleep space

Electronic devices have become common items in most rooms in our homes.  Even children’s bedrooms have TV’s and computers in them, and just about everyone in a home has a mobile device of some kind to use for work or play.

The startling facts about the effects of electronic devices on the quantity and quality of sleep, especially in children, and the overall impact on health as a result, have brought a few harsh facts to light that parents need to seriously consider before allowing children to have these types of exposure to electronic devices in their bedrooms at night.


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Dr. Ben Carter, head of the research team in the biostatics department of King’s College in London established some startling facts.

Apparently just over 70% of children have at least one electronic device in their bedroom at night.  Even devices that are powered down are apparently emitting electronic energy, which can affect both the quantity and quality of sleep a child gets at night.  This, in turn, will affect the child’s overall health and wellbeing, concentration levels and their level of productiveness during the day.  This has also been confirmed by a report in JAMA Pediatrics.

Using a cellphone as an alarm clock at night might, therefore, not be the best idea.


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The light emitted by the screen of an electronic device can influence a child’s sleep patterns, and when they don’t have a good night’s rest, they are susceptible to poorer health than children with less exposure to these devices.


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Parents are encouraged to monitor the behaviour of their children and adjust the exposure to screens and electronic devices accordingly, especially before bed and while sleeping.  This will give their children the best opportunity to have a restful and recharging night’s sleep.

It is wise to keep in mind that children go to bed with the images from screens still playing in their minds, and this can also affect their ability to get to sleep and have a peaceful night.


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Reducing or eliminating your child’s exposure to electronic emissions from devices before and during their sleep time may be helpful in ensuring your child is healthy, well-rested and less likely to have a stress-filled day.

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