The truth about why David Spade didn’t attend Chris Farley’s funeral

The truth about why David Spade didn’t attend Chris Farley’s funeral

It has been almost 19 years since Chris Farley, the beloved comedic actor, died.  He was found in his apartment by his younger brother on December 18th, 1997, after he overdosed on cocaine and morphine.

The funeral of such a man, who made a living out of making people laugh, was a difficult event for his friends, family and cast members to attend.  A funeral is part of the grieving process and for most people it is a significant part of the process of letting go of the person they have lost.

Chris Rock and Adam Sandler, who had worked with Chris and David on SNL for just on seven years at the time of Chris Farley’s death and attended his funeral.

At the time it surprised many people that Chris Farley’s best friend, David Spade was not in attendance at his funeral. Many hoped he would arrive and take the podium to speak about his friendship with Chris, but he never arrived.



It mystified everyone and there was no explanation forthcoming as to why he wasn’t there.

Now, after all these years, David Spade has finally explained his reasons for not attending.

David was being asked questions in an “Ask me anything” session on Reddit, and the question came up.  There had been so much speculation about his absence from the funeral, so, choking back the emotion, he explained that the ideas thrown around about why he wasn’t there were simply not true.

David and Chris had become inseparable during the time they worked on Saturday Night Live.  He joked that they were like an old married couple.

So when Chris died, David was having some trouble processing that and he decided he just couldn’t attend his friend’s funeral as it would be just too emotional for him.  “….and I wouldn’t be able to handle it.” he said.

Whether that fully answers the question people have had for such a long time is not certain, but there it is, and this is where David Spade is at on this very painful event in his life.

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