Top 7 Amazing Food Facts for You

Top 7 Amazing Food Facts for You

Food is one such thing with which we come in contact every day, in fact several times a day! However yes, there are so many strange and obscure facts about food which will end up fascinating you and they are definitely worth knowing about.

Let us know about a few bizarre yet exciting food facts:


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The world’s most pricey coffee comes from civet poop! Kopi Luwak is known to be coffee beans that are derived from Civet (known to be a small sized mammal) droppings or poop. These animals only and mostly gorge on to the best of ripe berries. When the time of excretion draws in, they extract beans that are partly ripe and then they are harvested for selling purpose. It is the most costly of coffee found across the globe. Its cost ranges between $120 and $600 USD for one pound and is chiefly found in the US and Japan. However in the present day, it is being found in most areas around the world. However, the point here is who was the one who got to know about its taste first?

Feast- Roast camel


Roast camel is regarded as the largest food item to be offered on a menu. The camel gets completely stuffed with the carcass of sheep which gets more stuffed with chicken, which is stuffed with fish. And the fishes are stuffed with eggs! At time, you get to notice a fiesta as this in Bedouin weddings.



Fact: it is permissible from the end of FDA to sell rodent hair and bugs for consumption purpose. Grouse? Well, however, FDA does permit on an average of 30 or a few more insect fragments as well as rodent hair, per 100gms of peanut butter. Well, I sure will think twice, before getting my next jar of peanut butter.



The very first soup that was ever made was of hippopotamus! As per ancient archeological facts and evidence, people started to take soup back during the 6000 BC and it was made of hippopotamus!

Refried Beans


Only once do they fry the refried beans! Well, the reason being misapprehension at the translation stage. Originally it was known as frijoles refritos, and it literally means, ‘well fried beans’ and not re-fried beans.

Worcestershire Sauce


This sauce is prepared from fish which is dissolved. Basically Worcestershire sauce is quite a famous English sauce and it is prepared from dissolved anchovies. The anchovies are properly soaked in vinegar and only used when they are properly melted. The sauce even contains bones and other parts of the fish!



It was basically prepared by an 11 year old who did not disclose about it for 18 years. In the year 1905, it was invented by Frank Epperson who had left in water a mixture of powdered soda out in the porch and it also had a stir stick in the mixture. The temperature at night becomes quite cold in San Francisco and in the following morning he noticed that it had completely frozen to the stir stick. It turned out being a flavored ice treat and he had named it as Epsicle. It was only after 18 years that he patented this product and renamed it as Popsicle.

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