Top 6 Funniest Movies

Top 6 Funniest Movies

So, you got to admit this! How many times have you done this? How many times have you actually sat with your friends to come up with the funniest movies you have watched till now? Movies can make you laugh, cry, smile, motivated, disturbed, at ease, etc. However, the best part of the funniest movies is that these are solely made to make you laugh. Life has a lot of stress and worries of its own. So, the makers of such funniest movies have the aim to de-stress you for a while. Okay, so enough of introduction now! You must be eagerly waiting to get a look at the funniest movies that you can now download to enjoy when you have the gloomiest part of you.

So, we present you a list of top 6 funniest movies which you will yearn to watch. So, have a look through them!

The Hangover

The Hangover

Yeah, yeah! How many times have you watched it? Not even once? Well, then it’s time that you watch it tonight itself, if you do not have unavoidable commitments. The buddies of this movie are great to watch. These guys will keep you hooked to the screen as they wake up from a bachelor’s party with blank memories of the last night. The best part is that the bachelor’s go missing and the guys stead through Las Vegas to find him! Rest will be revealed in the movie….



A must-watch comedy-flick, Superbad, is great to watch with friends and family. The two co-dependent seniors of high school are compelled to fight anxiety following the skewed up plan of their booze party. Catch up with it.

Meet the Parents


This is a real fun to watch. The protagonist wishes to get in with himself with the parents of his girlfriend. The problem is just that her dad, who is an ex-CIA, is suspicious about her love, the young man who happens to a male nurse. Watch out for more fun…

My Big Fat Greek Wedding


Heard of this, but have not watched till now? Well, this is the case with many. No worries, it’s time to actually look out for it if you really want to have some fun. The story revolved around the life of Toula who is urged to get hitched with a Greek boy and give birth to Greek babies. However, she chooses to marry someone else (that is a secret before you watch the movie..!). Inevitably, you can enjoy the comedy around the collision of cultures.



Another comedy and funny movie of Hollywood, Zoolander, revolved around an idiot model who suffers an existential crisis after his demotion to the 2nd-hottest beefcake in America by a jerk. Rest is for you to unveil.

Little Miss Sunshine


As the name reveals, this movie deals with a family of misanthropes and misfits who travel in a busted microbus to get their daughter in a beauty contest. This funny movie is an amazing combination of exuberant life and sweet and sour story-line.


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