Top 5 largest dog Breeds

Top 5 largest dog Breeds

From the heaviest to the biggest of dogs, we have a few of the breeds that make this count even more interesting. Out of so many of dog breeds from across the globe, we have 5 of them lined up for you.

Great Dane


Let us start with the one which is known to be the largest, so far as its height is concerned. Belonging to the German breed origin, Great Dane came to be recognized as the Great Dane breed because of crossbreeding between Irish wolfhounds and English mastiffs.

They weigh between 100-120 pounds and are known to be the tallest dog breed of the time.  Believe it or not, on an average their height is about 28-30 inches, however many of them even exceed this height. The tallest amongst this breed was a dog that was named Zeus and was about 44 inches tall! They live for about 5 to 8 years.

Neapolitan Mastiff


Mastiff breeds is undeniably the largest so far as mass is concerned. They originated from the southern Italy region. They are commonly used as guard dogs and in general the average male mastiff weighs about 130-155 pounds while they are 26-31 inches in height. Females tend to be a little smaller and about a few inches shorter. They weight about 110-130 pounds.

They are known to be courageous and daring and overly protective when it comes to shielding their homes and family. Hence they are regarded as the most idyllic guard dog.

Scottish Deerhound


Coming on to the leggy breeds, the Scottish deerhound has its origin in Scotland and is a courser breed. Back in the days, they were exercised for hunting down red deer and could conveniently chase its prey down. They tend to be more huge and heavier than greyhounds however when you notice the built, they are quite similar. They do have a lanky body which is useful for running and chasing purpose. When it comes to height they are about 32 inches tall, weighing around 110 pounds.

Dogue de Bordeaux


This dog breed is recognized by other names such as French mastiff, Bordeauxdog and also Bordeaux mastiff. However, they are highly massive and are known to be one of the oldest and ancient of dog breeds from France. In generally they are about 22-27 inches tall and they weight about 125-150 pounds. It is however remarkable and outstandingly famous for one strange point and that is. It has the largest head as compared to any other canine, when compared to the size of the body.



Even though they are huge this dog was bred not for guarding but is known to be a working dog. Originally its work was to assist fishermen. These masculine dogs are capable of hauling nets as well as lines from boats. It can also pull carts and can conveniently fetch anything which drops overboard, and yes, it also includes people! They are quite good with water related chores, hence are a good waterdog as well as quite a good swimmer.

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