Top 10 Funny Signs Boards

Top 10 Funny Signs Boards


Sign boards are meant to guide us or make us cautious or to direct us, most of them being reliable while some might even be misleading. But there are some sign boards that are outright hilarious and make for a good laugh, intentionally or unintentionally, like the few listed below

This sign is to help you spot and distinguish “Big” trees from the others if you couldn’t do that on your own.


If you thought cotton candy was synthetic, you were wrong. It is freshly picked; at least that’s what the sign says.


A place with a name like Cape Fear definitely needs a club of optimists who can be great supporters.


This sign is more like a threat, commanding one to eat there.


The sign warns adults I guess to be cautious as ‘free range’ children go berserk.


This makes for a hilarious read as the placements of sign suggest an out of business store is looking to hire.


Even the safety ladder is unsafe according to this sign.


This sign issues serious threat to unauthorised parkers of dire consequences.


It would be interesting to find slippery pedestrians at this place.


You can’t complain that the sign didn’t warn you of ‘sudden gunfire’.




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