Super dad empowers his wonder woman daughter

Super dad empowers his wonder woman daughter

Josh Rossi of Salt Lake City, Utah may have just won Father of the Year.  While many children use their imaginations to become super heroes, Rossi transformed his daughter into D. C. Comics’ Wonder Woman using his camera, computer, and a vivid imagination. Rossi, a well-known photographer, along with the help of his very pregnant wife and four other assistants created a birthday adventure like no other for his daughter Nellee’s third birthday.

In a photo-shoot lasting more than six hours, Nellee was treated to a complete makeover in order to become the woman of her dreams.  Rossi’s assistants helped create this extraordinary day by lifting Nellee off the ground, creating unique and fun poses, and using fans to give the three year the ultimate wind-blown look.

The above photo, taken from Rossi’s webpage,, is just one of the many pieces Rossi’s daughter modeled for.

Following the shoot, Rossi spent the next two weeks editing and creating the incredible images.  Although he edited in the adventures, because what sane man would give his three year old a sword and expect her to go into battle, the backdrops of the pictures are actual images that he has taken throughout his years of traveling.  Editing the pictures brought about another super-human feat as Rossi’s wife, Roxana gave birth to their son Josh.  Having another super hero in the family extended the time it took to complete this masterpiece.

For Nellee, the adventure is still not over.  Each morning she eagerly wakes her parents and waits for them to retrieve her $1500 outfit.  In a world where clothing of any style is appropriate in any venue, Nellee wears hers daily, even to the grocery store.

Creating this colossal adventure is somewhat of a family tradition.  For her first birthday Nellee was outfitted as Little Red Riding Hood.  Her second birthday found her as a Disney heroine, not a princess.  Rossi turned her into Mulan, a Chinese maiden who transforms herself into a warrior to save her father.  If you are noticing a trend here you may be onto something.  Rossi encourages his daughter’s imagination and his own creativity by exposing his daughter to strong, powerful women.  One can’t help but wonder which leading lady Nellee will become for her fourth birthday and beyond.

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