The Latest Trend: Hair That Lights Up The Night

The Latest Trend: Hair That Lights Up The Night

Hair color trends are as fluid as fashion trends tend to be.

Then there are times like these when a new innovation takes the hair fashion world by storm.

Guy Tang is well-known as a trend-setter in the hair fashion industry. And his latest contribution has stunned the hair fashion world.

Celebrities and beauty bloggers agree that he’s the go-to guy for wild and unusual hair.

By his own design and creation, he’s taken the hair industry from metallic hair color to hair that….. glows in the dark!

His secret formulae is set to captivate the hair fashion world, as you can see from some of the examples of his work.

The process goes from this….


To this…


To finally amaze us with this!



But wait, that’s not all!  This crazy, radical color looks like THIS in the dark…


Stunning, right!

The beautiful tones of this mermaid-styled hair are not lost in the dark.


The streaks of glow-in-the-dark color in this braid are so striking!


Hair that glows in the dark can be paired with makeup that also glows, for an all-round unique look on a night out.


And for something completely different, try this checkerboard effect that probably took many hours to create!


Mixing the right tones together to complement one another is quite an art form, and here only the green strands glow while the blue and purple don’t!


Guy Tang’s creativity knows no end.  Here is a style that looks very much like a pony from ‘My Little Pony”!



For those who only want to show their glow-in-the-dark locks some of the time, this could be an option.  The color and glow effect will only show when the hair is swept up.


Braiding hair shows the effects of this color off at its best!


This style is quite understated in normal light, but seems to come to life in the dark.


Sweeping this hair back makes it look magical!


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