Know These 8 Dumb Jokes That Are Actually Funny

Know These 8 Dumb Jokes That Are Actually Funny

Have you ever heard the dumb jokes that are really funny? Let’s have a look at the 8 funny jokes that are consider as dumb:



A joke is famous and it is based on the German children. The joke is :

It does not matter how much kind you are, but the German children are going to remain Kinder. Actually, ‘Kinder’ means ‘kids’ in German.



Another joke on Egyptian may be considered as dumb, but it is actually hilarious. The joke is:

What would one Egyptian say to another Egyptian after they have both farted?

One Egyptian replied ‘We just have common tooth”.

Giraffe’s neck


The size of a giraffe is distinct from a bear. A joke about a giraffe’s neck is well known:

Can you say that why a giraffe’s neck is so long?

The reason is that the head of the giraffe is very far up from the animal’s body.

Scuba drivers


Scuba drivers enjoy the view of the marine life of the oceans. But, a joke on scuba drivers is hilarious:

When the scuba drivers are about to fall on the ocean, why always they fall backwards off while present in the boat? It is because if they change their mind and fall forward, then they will remain on the boat only.

Geese fly in the form V shape


Birds always fly together in a group. Geese often fly in a V shape and one side of the V shape is much longer in comparison with the other. Why?

The reason is that more geese are present on one side only and not on the other side.



A joke on John is really famous and it will make you laugh very much:

Lord said John to come forth, so that John can get an eternal life. The next part of the joke is funnier. John came fifth and he had won a toaster.



Chickens are born out of eggs. This is a known fact. But some people joke about it and a few are there who are still unaware of such a joke:

Can anyone say that why a chicken have to sit on eggs? The answer is very simple as the chickens have no chairs to sit like the humans.

Bill Gates and Windows


Bill Gates is also a part of cracking jokes. One day Bill Gates had farted in an apple store. Bill Gates stank up the store completely. But Bill Gates said that it is mainly their fault for not having ‘windows’.

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