Do You Know These 4 Technology Facts?

Do You Know These 4 Technology Facts?

Technology is developing and new inventions are coming up, but only some are known. Let’s have a look at the top 4 technology facts:



Google is popular throughout the world. From California Gazing, a company called Google has rented out the goats to assist cut down the proportion of weeds and also to brush at Google HQ. It is estimated that the well-known technology company makes the use of 15 billion kWh of electricity each year much more as compared to other countries of the world. But Google with the aid of their solar panels generates a lot of electricity. Furthermore, Google is handling approximately 1 billion search queries per day and releases around 200 tons of CO2 every day.

Computer Security Day


Every year, the 30th day of the month November, is called as ‘Computer Security Day’. It began in 1988 just for raising the awareness of all the security problems of the computer. Majority of the people use anti-virus, firewall to safeguard their computers from dangerous viruses. However, lots of computers are affected with viruses per year. There are several viruses that are not good for your computer as VCL, STONED. The first email virus was HAPPY99. This information will surely quench your thirst for technology facts!

Facts about mobiles


The Motorola DynaTAC 8000X was the first cell phone that was sold in the United States. It was designed in April 1984, by Rudy Krolop and it was of two pounds. It is said that out of total 6.8 billion people in the world only 4 billion of individuals are using a mobile phone and only 3.5 billion of the population uses a toothbrush. It is estimated that 25% of Americans access the internet through a mobile phone. Before 40 years the first mobile phone call of the world had successfully took place. Even 30 million individuals use their mobiles for watching television programming. 271 million subscribers of mobiles are present in the United States and till date the numbers of subscribers are increasing. Every person send text messages to others and 90% of the text messages are read almost within three minutes after being delivered. These technology facts prove the dominating presence of mobile phones in our life.



Charles Babbage had created the first computer in 1822. In June 1983, Apple Lisa was released. The first commercial computer was Apple Lisa and it had a mouse, GUI – that is graphical user interface. A Macintosh computer was used to design the house of Bill Gates. An Apple named ‘mcintosh’ had inspired the name ‘Macintosh’. The Apple II was launched only with a hard drive of 5 megabytes. The QWERTY keyboard was invented in 1868 by Christopher Sholes.

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