Do You Know These 3 Disturbing Mass Graves

Do You Know These 3 Disturbing Mass Graves

Graves are anytime creepy for many. But can you imagine how do you feel when all of a sudden mass graves are discovered? You will definitely feel disturbing. Isn’t it?

3 disturbing mass graves discovered:

Durham University Graves


When excavations were done for a suggested library addition at Durham University located in the United Kingdom, a shocking finding came into the spotlight. Two graves consisting of 1,700 bodies from the time of 17th century was discovered. In the earlier years, the graves were never recorded. Several people were trying hard to figure out the source of such a tragedy. The English Civil War was a bloody phase of England’s past. The graves were present in the time of the English Civil War. Generally, it is believed that the dead bodies of these mass graves were of the Scottish soldiers, who had been taken captive in 1650 after the Battle of Dunbar. Oliver Cromwell was an English revolutionary and he had caught the soldiers, who died due to starvation and then buried in these mass graves that were not remembered by anyone. Another belief is that some of the soldiers might have died in the Battle of Dunbar.

Paris Medieval Hospital

Workers digging underneath a Paris supermarket found as many as 200 skeletons. The skeletons were found as workers were doing renovations to the store in January, 2015.

On January 2015, the cemetery of a medieval hospital was founded at a Parisian supermarket when the basement’s expansion was going on. The hospital was named as ‘Hopital de la Trinite’. In the 13th century the hospital was built and then it was not within the limits of the city. It served many people. However, after the growth of Paris, the discovered hospital was not in use and the cemetery was not there in any person’s mind. The 316 dead bodies that were buried in the cemetery could be the victims of a deadly disease named plague. In the 1930s plague had destroyed Paris. The victims could die because of famine too, but trauma was not shown by the dead bodies  of these mass graves, so it could be assumed that they were not dead due to war. The hospital ‘Hopital de la Trinite’ was not open at the time of French Revolution and afterwards in 1812 it was dismantled, made over by another structures.

Sacrifice to Anubis


Underneath the Ancient Egyptian shrine, the unearthed catacombs till the canine god Anubis was consisting of fossils of the dogs, and the fossils were not of the humans. The catacombs were made like a place just to leave the dogs, which were sacrificed to god Anubis and the number was uncountable. An estimation of eight million fossils is considered to be present in the catacombs. Moreover, apart from dogs other animals were founded too, which implies that the area has some other shrines of animals.

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