Japan wants to amuse, and pamper you

Japan wants to amuse, and pamper you

You’ve heard of amusement parks with the rides, carousels, and games.  You’re probably also familiar with spas – those places you go to get pampered.  But are you ready for both – at the same time?  Ready or not, a city in Japan is ready to make that happen.

The Japanese city of Beppu is famous for its hot springs, and onsen spa experiences.  An onsen is a Japanese hot spring bath. In a fascinating new video that has gone viral, we get to see what the first “spamusement” park might look like.  The Video is full of men, women, and children wrapped in white towels, leisurely enjoying various park activities and rides – all while wrapped in a towel, or enjoying a luxurious onsen spa experience.

In part of the video, Beppu mayor Yasuhiro Nagano is flanked by three onsenspa visitors, wrapped in towels, soaking their legs and feet in water.  The mayor himself is shown with his pants rolled up and his legs and feet in the water.While he soaks, he says to the viewer, that if the video hits one million views, then he will make “spamusement” a reality.  Well it hit one million, and now two million and rising. Now, according to RocketNews24, the office of the mayor has issued a press release that confirms that plans for the park are indeed underway.

In the Mayor’s “Letter of Thanks”, just released to the public, the Mayor thanks viewers of the promotional video and says that he is looking forward to concrete plans, and a task force to make the idea a reality.  The Mayor’s office also promises updates as details are finalized.

We’re not sure how one can have a luxurious Japanese bath, while your roller coaster car barrels down the track, but we can’t wait to find out.

In case you missed it, the video can be seen here:


Mayor Nagano signing “Letter of Thanks”

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