Have You Heard About The 6 Delicious Facts About Sushi

Have You Heard About The 6 Delicious Facts About Sushi

Not only the Japanese people, but the people of other countries are also loving the food item Sushi very much. But few people are aware of these 6  delicious facts about Sushi :

Restaurants for Sushi


Sushi is famous among the food lovers particularly Japanese people. Not only in Japan, but even in the United States also. Actually, there are 3,946 restaurants present in the United States, where one can get to eat Sushi. Additionally, 45 thousand restaurants are there in the country Japan and the way of preparing Sushi has originated from Japan. It is a true fact that American sushi bars are generating $2 billion revenue in each year.

Hanaya Yohei


In 1820 Hanaya Yohei had made the modern style of Sushi and it was sold in the stalls, where fast food items were available. Previously, Sushi was regarded as a fast food dish as the dish was not fermented. Any individual could it with the help of either chopsticks or fingers.

Different names of Sushi


Sushi is a well-known food item and it is called in other names also. Firstly, sushi rice is known as shari or sumeshi that is vinegar-flavored rice. Literally, the name shari means ‘ Buddha’s remains’ as the overall white look of the rice made the people remind of the mortal remains of the Buddha. It is a true fact that the ‘authentic’ sushi, which is linked with the traditional Japanese version is known as Edomae-zushi. However, it is a current invention, which was limited to the region of Tokyo.  Actually, the meaning of the term sushi is ‘it’s sour’, which was earlier preserved by individuals in salt.

Traditional ways


There are traditional means to make a sushi. As per tradition, sushi ought to give a very strong sense of all the seasons. But, countless sushi chefs present in America and Japan generally avoid cultured fish of out-of-season. A fish is considered to be in season when it is tasty and fatty, actually at that time when a fish is becoming ready to spawn. Traditionally, wasabi is created from the root of the plant of wasabi japonica.



From puffer fish a popular kind of sushi called Fugu is created. It is quite tough to prepare Fugu as the organs of this particular fish form a dangerous neurotoxin. The neurotoxin is really 1200 times extra toxic in comparison with cyanide. Chefs should get a special license for preparing Fugu.


Atlantic Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus thynnus) Captive, Gozo, Maltese Islands

96% of bluefin tuna populations have decreases because of the rising sushi demands. Many of the bluefin fishing happens off the coast of the country Japan.


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