14 Awesome Funny Fun Fact That Will Seriously Blow Your Mind!

14 Awesome Funny Fun Fact That Will Seriously Blow Your Mind!

These blogs are chock-full of the funny, inspirational, and down-to-earth parts of life. These blogs are filled with funny fun facts for everyone to enjoy. No matter who you are, you need to hit the subscribe button on some of these amazing blogs!

Belle Renee: Too Cool for School

Belle Renee Too Cool for School

Belle Renee is pursuing her Master’s degree and writes an entertaining blog on the side. From politics to her “Powerful Woman Monologues” to fun miscellaneous topics, she can keep her readers hooked!

Sam Davidson

Sam Davidson

Sam is an entrepreneur who travels and gives inspirational speeches at events. His blog is full of leadership advice and inspiration to pursue your dreams.

Life Without Pants

Life Without Pants

Matt is a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur who blogs about the ups and downs of life and how to deal with them. His motto is: “working smarter and living better”. His advice outlines how to follow this motto.

Bottle up the Crazy

Jennifer is a geeky and humorous writer who blogs about personal and fun things. This is the place to go when you need to get away from media and real life.

Generation Meh

This blogger isn’t afraid to speak up! Her aim is to help the younger generation (twenties to thirties) to begin believing in themselves and their country again, whether that be through a pep talk or a beatdown.

Cordelia Calls it Quits

This unique blog takes a spin on things as Cordelia creates lists of things to quit. She is full of life and good, solid advice given in a fun-loving manner!

Budgets are Sexy

This blog is here to show the super fun and “sexy” side of budgeting! It gives loads of practical advice about money while being entertaining at the same time.

Careful Cents

This is another budgeting blog by a young woman in her 20’s who has had a successful finance life. She gives advice on how to make money and avoid debt at the same time – win-win situation!

Sydney: Unfiltered

Sydney is a bold blogger who helps people to not be afraid to be themselves. She initiates slightly uncomfortable conversations to pull people out of their shells. Not a blog for the faint of heart!

No Ordinary Rollercoaster

Ben is an entertaining and carefree blogger that anyone can enjoy following. He tells amusing stories about his life – you totally should subscribe!

Get Busy Living

Authored by a successful entrepreneur, this blog gets you inspired to live your life the way you want to and thrive at the same time!

Working for Wonka

This blog, about working for start-ups, gives great advice about how to get a job, start a business, etc. Definitely something to check out.

Hope Dies Last

We get run down from daily life, and this blog is a place to escape all of that and take a break with the truly important things of life.

Life Excursion

This blog by David Damron takes a look at how to reach your life goals using fun methods – and it’s a great read too!

We will be definitely back to you with more fun. 🙂

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