Your Fun Fact For Today, The Top Funniest Trending Hashtags!

Your Fun Fact For Today, The Top Funniest Trending Hashtags!

Hashtags are the “in” thing and appear in everyone’s newsfeed all over social media. They have that way of giving an overall statement that just sums everything up perfectly, hence why they are so popular! Here are some of the trendiest hashtags going around today. Enjoy your fun fact for today!

Trending Hashtags of Fun Fact For Today

Your Fun Fact For Today, The Top Funniest Trending Hashtags!


This hashtag produces plenty of jokes and laughs as people try to sum up the worst thing to say at an interview in five words. Beyond entertainment, this could even help people who actually need to know what not to say!


Singles seem to have their own sort of community going where they can rally around and support each other. Making jokes with this hashtag gives them a humorous spin and maybe can even help make matches… who knows?


For years, people have wanted Leonardo DiCaprio to get an Oscar, going so far as to make a hashtag for him. This year he finally got his award, much to his supporters’ delight!


Come on, admit it – we all have that one relative. Pairing this hashtag with a few words about your relative’s, ah, oddities, can make for a lot of laughs!


Not just relatives, but waiters too? It’s true… some waiters can say pretty quirky things when they’re serving people…


So now it’s a thing to take footage of Beyoncé and put it together so that it seems like she is dancing to the music you put to the clip… Only Beyoncé, right? No other words needed.


Everyone can think back to that one gift that was just… nope. Here’s your opportunity to tell others about it so that they can get a kick out of that wacky sweater, or whatever it was that some well-meaning soul gave you.


When the iPhone 6 plus came out, one of the biggest issues was that it was getting bent in people’s back pockets. Not cool – but people determined to make a hashtag about their mauled phones anyway!


You know that feeling when you finally read the lyrics to your favorite song and realize you’ve had that one line wrong all these years? Use this hashtag and tell the world about your hilarious mess up!


Your best friend got married, your brother got that promotion, and you… spilled coffee on yourself this morning. Don’t worry, we’re all average people, and we can laugh together!


Now you can plot how to get back at guys, lead them on, and then be like, “in your face!” Not very nice, granted, but still fun to plot…


That moment when you get a text from your mom that really just shows how naïve and non-techy she is. Makes you smile (and cringe) every time!


Okay, so a breakup is no fun – but when it’s all said and done, you can often look back and find something funny about it. Plus, hearing other’s hilarious spins can make your own situation seem better!

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