Food leads to positive emotions in bees

Food leads to positive emotions in bees

Have you ever though that even bees love food and the taste affects their mood as well. It is pretty interesting to know the fact that when bees have good food, they come into the mood. This means that positive feeling comes within them. According to the latest news in the world, a study made by the biologists at the Queen Mary University London found that when bees drink sweet water, it turns their mood on.

Similarly, when we eat delicious food, it brings energy and positive vibes within us, the same happens to the bees. The phenomena are quite same in humans and insects.


The latest science and technology news confirm that the states of emotions develop with the sweet water and result in positivity. This, in turn, has an impact on the nervous system of the bees. Dr. Clint J Perry is of the view that the emotions in the animals help to understand their behavior and make more research about their underlying emotions.

Indications, study, and conclusion

In order to get the right results, the scientists tried to investigate the behavior of the bees after having sweet water and before that. It was found that bees that drank the sweet sugary water landed on the blue flowers soon as compared to the ones that did not. This concluded that the sweet water particles aroused excitement in the bees and that is why they would land on the flowers for pollination.


Other researchers were also conducted on bees and it was seen that they had the power of intelligence as well other than the emotions. Professor Lars Chittka said that even bees are humans just like us and that we should have equal respect for them, especially while conducting experiments on them.

Such a research has opened new opportunities for the scientists to investigate and experiment more on the bees to know them better. It will definitely be a challenge for them to draw more findings from their researchers and come up with new aspects that people are not familiar with.

So keep reading until we come up with more updates on this study.

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