Easy and quick rich fiber recipes

Easy and quick rich fiber recipes

A well-balanced diet is the secret of healthy living. If you wish to stay away from health problems and be slim, it is essential to control your eating habits. Junk and oily food can have a negative impact on your body thereby increasing cholesterol, weight etc. This, in turn, enhances the risk of heart attacks and many other healthy issues that might not want to face. This is the reason that we have come up with some fiber-rich recipes for the Media and Entertainment Archives that will make you fit and healthy.


So let us get started with the recipes one by one.

1. White Bean Salad with Chicken – This chicken bean salad is definitely a treat for your taste buds as it is healthy and delicious. The salad is not only gluten free but in rich in fiber that gives you a healthy body. Being low in calories, you can always have it in your dinners and enhance your immune system. Celery, ricotta Salata, basil leaves, escarole etc are some of the healthy ingredients used in it.

2. Garlic Pasta – Pasta is something that is loved by all so why not give it a creamy taste with some yogurt sauce and whole lots of vegetables that make it a healthy option. Use of olive oil ensures that it is a low-calorie recipe and healthy in a number of ways. You can use as many vegetables available in your home and try this garlic pasta for a mouth watering taste.

3. Fish tacos – Usually tacos are deep fried but here we will first coat them with different flavors and grill it. This keeps the tacos crunchy and at the same time free from oil. Grill basket can be used to prepare the fish tacos or else griller can also be a superb choice.

4. Tortilla soup – If you want to try chicken soup, go for Tortilla which is quite a similar tour classic vegetable soup but with a difference that it has chicken in it. Ideal for diabetic patients, vegan, low sodium, low sugar and many other elements that make it an amazing soup.

So why not try these excellent fiber-rich recipes and share your experience with us.

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