Unique Ideas Of Crafts To Make And Sell for Teens

Unique Ideas Of Crafts To Make And Sell for Teens

Teenagers usually wouldn’t mind having a little extra cash on hand. Well, if you are a teen who loves to craft, why not use that talent to make some money? Making crafts and then selling them is a great way to showcase your work and get cash at the same time. It’s fun and easy, plus you can save money if you give your crafts to people rather than a store bought gift. Most materials are inexpensive, and you can sell your creations at school, online, or even at a fair. You will find all the popular unique crafts to make and sell for teens in this article.

Unique Ideas Of Crafts To Make And Sell for Teens

Jewelry is one great option that always has a good market, plus there is a lot of variety. Use anything from leather, to beads, to wire to make necklaces, bracelets, and chokers. Earrings and keychains are also great, although they may require extra materials. Pendants are good choices, since you can use virtually anything as the pendant, such as wood or a rock with wire wrapped around it. If you really want to get creative, try using large washers and painting them in unique designs. These make beautiful necklaces with practically no cost attached!
Do you love to sew? Then you have hundreds of options available to you! Pillows, electronics cases, tote bags… the list goes on. But if sewing isn’t really your thing, you don’t have to let that stop you. Knotted pillows are popular, or you could make twisted headbands. A cool idea is to take a tie dye t-shirt and use it to make a bag!

Crafts To Make And Sell for Teens

Speaking of tie dye, that’s one of the most fun and eye-popping crafts you can do! Not only will you have a blast making rainbow shirts, socks, and scarves, people will love to buy them.
How about all those random little crafts? Some easy crafts to make and sell include magnets, hair clips, soap dishes… the list goes on and on! With small crafts like these, you can make dozens of different things and sell them cheap, still making a profit.

Mason jars are awesome. No extra words needed. You can use them to make candles, vases, or spice them up and keep them as jars. Never underestimate the power of a mason jar! How about flower pots? Those can be turned into works of art that any gardener would love to keep flowers in. All it takes is some glitter, paint, or even yarn.
Mirror frames are also a popular choice. You can do virtually anything to the borders to give the reflection a beautiful frame. You know those little gems you can get at a dollar store? They give the mirror some color and sparkle! Or you could use fake flowers, or even sea shells. The sky is your limit!

The amount of easy crafts you can make and sell are endless – so what’s holding you back? Start crafting and then selling your works of art!

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