Colorful and decorative bowls for your home

Colorful and decorative bowls for your home

Decorating your home is a passion of many people. They keep trying new things and come up with great ideas that not only project their creativity but their love to adorn their homes with unique stuff. No matter how busy you are but one should spare a little time and get involved in innovative activities which help them to craft new things. If you too are fond of trying new things, here is something interesting that you would surely admire.

Are you searching for Craft and DIY Archives or the Funny Pictures Archives for your home, do not worry as we bring before you a great way to create a beautiful bowl to be placed on the dining tables. With some few left over pieces of rope, you can create a bowl that not only looks attractive but a perfect centerpiece as well. So let us get started.


Designer bowls in minutes

If you have a glass or ceramic bowls which have become dull, then you can redecorate them to give a lovely touch and finish. Here is a simple process that you can follow to adorn your bowls.

Things required

All you need is a rope if colorful ones are available you can use them or a simple one will also do. Glue is the most important element, bowl, beads, few glass works.


  • Take a bowl and apply glue over it
  • Now take the rope and try to move it in the spiral form such that the bowl gets covered layer by layer
  • Start from the base and then move upwards to cover the entire bowl
  • Now leave it for about 30 minutes so that it gets set
  • Remove the bowl and get a well designed and creative bowl

You can use the bowls to keep fruits, accessories or any other item. You can add beads and glass works to make it more appealing.

With the help of the rope, you can create a bowl of any size and design. The best part is that it requires less time and you can easily do it alone. So just try it once and show it to everyone.

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