Chapecoense soccer team celebration breaks hearts and goes viral.

Chapecoense soccer team celebration breaks hearts and goes viral.

In a tragedy that shocked Brazil, South America, and the world, 75 people lost their lives in a plane that crashed in Medellin Columbia.   The plane carried the Chapecoense soccer team, their companions, staff, reporters, and airline employees.Miraculously, six were pulled from the twisted wreckage alive.

Even as tributes continue to pour in, a video of theChapecoenseSoccer team is going viral.  The video shows the celebration after the team’s last match.  The match, a victory over San Lorenzo in the Copa Sudamericana semi-final is both touching, and tragic.

The video, captured in the victorious locker room, shows Chapecoenseplayers, coaches, and staff jubilantly celebrating the victory.  The victory giving the young team a chance to finish the 2016 season with one final win. One final win to achieve the ultimate in sport, a championship.

The scene is one of pure joy.  Grown men, celebrating like boys. Fists in the air, yelling, chanting. Phones out, capturing everything from dozens of vantage points.  Thetype of celebration that makes you feel that anything is possible.  The type of celebration that would surely be remembered by them for the rest of their lives.  Those lives now cut far too short by the tragic crash.

This team, driving for a title, brought needed joy to the people of Brazil.  The country, rocked by impeachment, economic crisis, and unprecedented corruption scandals needed this team and this moment.  They needed this time of celebration and pride.  They needed to believe again that anything was possible.

Now though Brazil mourns, as does the rest of the world.  The tragedy of this loss will certainly never be forgotten.  Maybe in time, we can all fully appreciate the miracle of the six survivors.  Maybe in some small, simple way, this video can bring some healing.  It is in this video that we see men living life to the fullest.  A team united around a single cause.  That’s a pretty nice goodbye.

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