Beans: Why They Are Possibly A Major Source Of Food For The Future

Beans: Why They Are Possibly A Major Source Of Food For The Future

Beans may not be everyone’s favorite food, but there are great reasons to eat them

In spite of the negative things people have to say about beans, there’s so much more to them than people realize.



Beans are a family of foods that include lentils, chickpeas, soybeans and even peanuts.

As a food group, these grow in a wide range of climates. The world’s climate and water issues affect food production. It’s plain to see how beans are essential to global food security.


Here’s why beans are the food of the future:

Low in fat, high in fiber

  • Being low in fat and high in fiber, beans are ideal for a healthy diet. We all need a small quantity of fat in our diets for health

An aid to digestion makes beans heart food

  • Fiberkeeps our colons clean so our bodies eliminate toxins better, which is good for our overall health, especially our hearts


Inexpensive food source, suited to many climates

  • Fresh, canned or dry, beans are one of the most cost-effective foods around. For growers, beans are suited to a wide range of climates, being heat- and drought-resistant. Beans use far less water to grow than, for example, rice, or beef protein


Rich in minerals and protein

  • Proper body function relies on minerals like iron and zinc. Lentils and hummus are good sources of these. The high protein content makes beans a great alternative food where other sources of protein are scarce or expensive


A delicious, versatile food

  • There are so many foods made from beans that there’s something for everyone to enjoy!


Good for the earth

  • Bacteria on the roots of beans feed nitrogen back into the soil, being a fertilizer.

With worldwide water and climate pressures increasing, prioritizing beans as a food source will go a long way to reducing the pressure on resources and increasing global food security.

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