9-Year Old Aspiring Fraudster Gains Thousands Of Fans

9-Year Old Aspiring Fraudster Gains Thousands Of Fans

This might sound familiar.  A Nigerian prince has some money he desperately needs to get out of the country.  Luckily, YOU can help him do so. And in return, he will give you some of the money as a reward for helping him! Oh, he will also need your bank account or other personal information – just to help him deposit the money in your account.

Sounds pretty good, right? But as most of us know, this is a common scam meant to separate people from their money.

It isfrom Nigeria, the world center of internet fraud, that we find an adorablenine-year old.  The boy, an aspiring “fraudster”, is now capturing the hearts of the world through a hilarious viral video.

The boy, only known as Segun, is seen in the video speaking in his native tongue. “I Want To Become An Internet Fraudster When I Grow Up” he says. He further speaks of his desire to be a “Yahoo Boy”.  According to the US News and World Report, the Yahoo Boys are a group of underground con-men that operate in Nigeria.  According to the same source, internet fraud has become commonplace employment for students of Nigeria’s colleges and universities.

The video, showing Segun sporting gold chains and a baby-face, has garnered thousands of views across different platforms of social media.  And now, he even has an Instagram profile, “segun_wire”, that already has attracted more than 10,000 followers.

Perhaps though, the new-found fame is having an impact on young Segun.  His first Instagram bio read humbly “I am just 9, I am just trying to find my way out in this recession period!!”.  Now, having become an internet sensation, he has larger goals apparently, as it now reads, “I am just 9, I am a comedian, an aspiring actor and entertainer!!”

Segun may be on his way to cashing in – it’s just not certain if it will be because of his fame, or as yet another “Fraudster”.


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