7 Discontinued Foods And Drinks That We Loved

7 Discontinued Foods And Drinks That We Loved

Remember that chips, unhealthy snacks, colored drinks and overwhelmingly sweets that we loved in our childhood days? And our parents used to hate them because they used to create some health issues and consequently we were punished for several times for having them stealthily? Some of them are still continued, but many of them are discontinued by the company, because they created either some health hazard or some serious accidents. However, we still love them. And to pay a tribute to that discontinued foods that we used to love so much in our childhood days we are here providing a list just to remember their specialty :

Seven up bar 


Seven up bars is one of the favorite discontinued foods that we used to eat a lot in our childhood. And nowadays we miss it a lot. The bar was consisted of seven different types of flavor. These seven different lairs contained cherry, coconut, Brazil nut, caramel, nougat, mint, orange, butter cream and fudge. This seven up bar was used to be in seven different types of tests.

 Hydrox of Sunshine


 Hydrox is one kind of sandwich cookie with a fill of chocolate and vanilla flavor. It used to test just like the Oreo cookies of these days. Hydrox cookies were introduced in 1908, and were discontinued in nineteen hundred and ninety nine.

Wonder ball


 Wonder Ball was a chocolate ball with a toy inside it. We used to be very excited to open it for the toy. Some time children tried to eat the toys and were choked to death, so the company discontinued the product in 1997. The slogan of the product was “What’s In The Wonder Ball?”.



 Fruitopia was a product by coca- cola company. This fruit-flavored drink is still a popular item both among the children and the adults in Australia and in Canada.

Crispy m&m’s


This chocolate candy is slightly bigger than the milk chocolate snakes. It was introduced in 199 and was discontinued in 2005. This crunchy crispy chocolate mom is still available and popular in some Asian and European countries.

Hi- c ecto collar


 This fruit drink was actually produced to promote the popular Hollywood movie “Ghostbusters”. The drink will return soon with the remake of “Ghostbusters” and we will be able to have it in the theatre with “ghostbusters”.

Ben & Jerry’s Tennessee mud ice cream


This coffee flavored ice cream was available for only one year between 1988 and 1989.

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