7 Amazing Facts About Human Body

7 Amazing Facts About Human Body

We move around with our bodies all the while. It has been there with us since the time we are born and we simply take it for granted. However just stop for some time and ponder about everything that it keeps on doing for us continuously, you will understand blessed we are to have bodies as the ones we own. Our body is for always doing things about which we are not even aware of, such as carrying oxygen all across the body, helping the food to get digested and so forth.

Let us now know about a few amazing facts about our body.

Cracking Sound of knuckles and joints


The cracking sound that we tend to hear from our body, knuckles, neck and joints the moment they get cracked is because of bubbles that are there in the joint fluid and these bubbles make a popping sound. Well, is it bad to crack them? Well not exactly, however if done so regularly, it might be harmful and hurt the cord known as ligaments which is enveloping the joint.

Feeling Sweaty?


Yes, most of you do not know that it is not the sweat which smells bad. The smelly “body odour” starts to spread the moment bacteria starts to feed on the sweat. It’s basically the waste product of the bacteria which emits the stinky odor.



About 10,000 platelets are present in merely a drop of blood. And more than 250,000 platelets are present in blood cells.

Hate Bugs?


Well, this one will shock you again! You simply do not like bugs hovering around you? Then why are you okay with it, when they are on your plate? Healthful, edible insects, like wasps, caterpillars, grasshoppers, cicadas, beetles, and worms, get paced with minerals and vitamins and people all across the globe eat them. Next time if you visit Thailand or China, make sure to order or at least go through a deep-fried cicada! In Netherlands you will be served with delicious grasshopper rolls, snacks and burger together with meal worms snuggling next to each other; yes enjoy the meal guys!

Eye speaks it all


Heterochromia is known to be an eye conditions wherein people have two different eye colors. Even though this condition is not much commonly found in human beings, rather quite rare, however quite commonly found in dogs!



Our brain, no wonder is quite a wrinkly organ! In case you get to spread it can conveniently grow up to the size of a pillow cover. However when you reach the age of six, the size of the brain also develops and about 90% of your brain has already grown by that time.



Our livers come with an astounding capability to grow back again, if in case a section of it has been removed because of any surgery, disease or an injury. Not only this, it will grow back to its original state once it gets completely recovered.

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