6 Creepy Facts of Sleep Paralysis

6 Creepy Facts of Sleep Paralysis

Paralysis is the loss of ability to move. It is actually a state when you are not able to function properly. Many people face paralysis while their sleeping. In this situation, they cannot able to move their body or a part of their body properly. So, here we represent a list of some freaky facts about sleep paralysis :

What happens in this phenomenon situation?


People are not able to speak or move during their sleep or their awakening. Even some time the patients may feel unable to breathe or even to open their eyes. They fell a strange sound which became louder and louder. Patients get frozen in fear. The attack stays one to several minutes. After some attacks people start to panic before getting to sleep.

Causes for narcolepsy


Sleep paralysis is a symptom of narcolepsy, which is a rare medical condition. It causes people, who suffer from it, to fall into a deep sleep at any time without any warning.

There are two deviations in sleep paralysis


 The first one is isolated sleep paralysis or ISP. It is a poorly understood paralysis, which has attacked the attention of the whole medical community in these years.

Recurrent solated sleep paralysis

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The second one is called recurrent isolated sleep paralysis.  In this attack the patient realized that he is unable to move or speak. The patient feels a strong pressure on his or her chest. They cannot able to take breath properly. They realized a hissing, buzzing, ringing or a roaring sound in their ears and it becomes louder and louder. There is another kind of sleep paralysis called familial paralysis. One can inherit this disease genetically.

Sleep paralysis is not a common one


 In Italy and Germany only 6.2% of people have survived with that problem. Some of them have this experience during sleep around once in a week. Some people have experienced that once in a month. Some are in every few month.

Sleep paralysis is a result of REM sleep disruption 


REM sleep is a period of sleep that is very deep, during which your eyes and muscles make many small movements. It is the period during which most of your dreams occur. REM is an abbreviation for rapid eye moment. In this situation your body falls asleep but your mind stays awake.




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