6 Countries with The Highest Suicide Rates

6 Countries with The Highest Suicide Rates

It is really shocking to know that issues like suicide even occur in places that are otherwise known to be good and happy places to live. Here are 6 countries which have the highest rates of suicide:




The country which is popular for promoting Gross National Happiness as a part of government policy is Bhutan. It is quite unexpected to see the country’s name in such a list. The population of Bhutan is not much and many people commit suicide. Majority of the Bhutanese follow Tibetan Buddhism. Those Bhutanese, who are following Tibetan Buddhism, do not talk about suicide and the ways to handle it as they consider it like a social taboo. The Bhutanese of Nepalese origin also live in this country.



Suicide is a very serious social problem in Russia. The suicide rate is now lowering in this country. But in the late 1990s, the suicidal rates were increased and 40 suicides happened out of 100,000 people. In the present times, people are committing suicide and approximately 20 suicides happened per 100,000 citizens. This is the reason why the country Russia is ranked at the 15th number in the list of countries with the highest suicide rates throughout the world. Heavy use of alcohol is done in Russia and it is mainly responsible for causing the deaths of the inhabitants.



Though it is seen that in the recent years the number of suicides in the country is lessened, but till date Ukraine has a ranking in the list of the world’s most suicidal countries. Several suicides are linked to personnel in the military. In the military, 50% of citizens die due to suicide. There are common methods applied for doing suicides. In this country, the hanging method is mostly preferred by the inhabitants and additionally jumping, cutting from the high places.



Japan's national flat

Though Japan is among the developed, rich, modernize countries in the world, the suicide rate of the country has always been high for many years. The main reason of death in men aged from 20 to 44 is suicide. Men commit suicide because of depression, unemployment and social pressure.



Nepal is a South Asian mountainous country of small size. The country is frequently ranked among the countries, where highest suicide related deaths are higher. A change has been noticed in the suicidal behavior of the citizens of the country. In the present years, there has been a rise in the suicide attempts made by Nepalese women. 20 Nepalese women out of 100,000 inhabitants are killing themselves.

Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is one of the most developed countries of the world and it has 20 million populations, but still the numbers of suicides are at a high level. In 1948, the country got independence. There are no particular reasons for committing suicides. Ways such as hanging, poisoning are chosen for doing suicide.

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