5 Useless But Cool Facts to know About Space

5 Useless But Cool Facts to know About Space

Have you heard about the useless facts about space? Are you aware of the fact that some of these useless facts are quite cool to know? Here are 5 of such cool facts discussed:

5 cool facts about space

Ashes of humans in space


Human ashes are present in the space. More than 100 people’s ashes had launched in the space including ashes of Timothy Leary and Gene Roddenberry. Gene Roddenberry was the creator of Star Trek. Timothy Leary was an advocate of psychedelic drugs and American psychologist. Clyde Tombaugh was the first one, who discover Pluto and his ashes will be the first to leave the solar system after passing by the planet Pluto in 2015.

Diamond in space


The star is nicknamed as Lucy after the Beatles song ‘Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds’. Lucy’s another name is BPM 37093. It is the largest diamond that is present not in the Earth, but in the space. The diamond is the corpse of a star BPM 37093 and it is burned out. The star is 50 lightyears away from our planet Earth in the sky’s region that is the constellation Centaurus. BPM 37093 is a white dwarf star and it is a chunk of crystallized carbon. Won’t this count as one of the cool facts?

Footprints on the moon


Neil Alden Armstrong was the first person who walks on moon. He was an American astronaut. Like Neil Armstrong other astronauts had walked on the moon.  Those astronauts, who have successfully landed on the moon left behind their footprints in the lunar surface. The footprints will never ever going to vanish because the moon do not have atmosphere. Additionally, water or wind cannot wipe away the prints.

Fusing of metal in space


One of five cool facts is that metal can fuse in the space instantly. If two pieces of the similar types of metal, for instance copper, aluminum come into contact with each other in the space, the metals will fuse together at a fast pace. The process is known as cold welding and the bonding of the objects will happen as their atoms do not have anything in between like air or water for holding them apart.

Countless stars


We all might have tried to count the stars at some point in our life – be it as kids or as adults, but the counting never ends as stars are numerous. Nobody can exactly say about the expiry date of any star. Stars are formed without any prior notice. Some stars have large mass, while others have small mass. But astronomers can estimate the number of stars present in the Milky Way. Total 200-400 billion stars are there in the space. New galaxies are being discovered and with the unknown existing galaxies, it is quite difficult to count the actual number of stars that are in the universe.

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