5 Scary and Creepy Cemeteries of the World

5 Scary and Creepy Cemeteries of the World

There are lots of cemeteries around the world. But some are so scary creepy that they deserve mention. Let’s have a look at the 5 cemeteries that will scare you out of your skin:

Capela dos Ossos of Portugal


Capela dos Ossos actually means ‘Chapel of Bones’, the Portuguese chapel that houses two complete skeletons hanging on the chains. Additionally, human bones and skulls are cemented on the walls. These skeletons will definitely give you goosebumps and a hair-raising inscription is given at the entrance of the chapel:

“We bones, lying here bare, are awaiting yours”…

Greyfriars Kirkyard of Edinburgh in Scotland


In the 1560s Greyfriars Kirkyard, the former monastery garden was established. Generally, it is regarded as the most haunted spot of Scotland as well as one of the scariest cemeteries. The spot’s paranormal activity is often associated with the restive spirit of the disreputable ‘Bluidy’ George Mackenzie. George was buried in Greyfriars Kirkyard in 1691. The ‘Mackenzie Poltergiest’ is very violent and caused bites, cuts, bruising on those ones, who somehow come in its contact. Numerous visitors have taken the ghost tour and it is truly reported that the visitors feel strange sensations. Furthermore, they too reported of having sustained injuries, but they could not recollect of sustaining.

Glasnevin Cemetery of Dublin in Ireland


This creepy cemetery really houses 1.5 million of bodies. The cemetery is of 120 acre, which is usually haunted by a dog of Newfoundland. It is often said that the loyal canine of John McNeill Boyd died due to starving because the canine did not wanted to leave the graveside of the owner John. This shows that the loyal dog is the owner’s best friend both before and after death.

Cimitero di San Michele of Venice in Italy


The Napoleans had ordered to ban the burial of dead bodies in Venice. So, the cemetery was made in the 19th century on the San Michele’s island. A complete island is given to the dead ones, which certainly grab the attention of the ghosts, evil spirits. Some stories of ghostly encounters are well known, however, till date not a single ghost or paranormal buff is discovered or known. The ghosts have supreme power in this particular island which make this as one of the scary and creepy cemeteries.

Les Catacombes in Paris


Les Catacombes is an underground grave of Paris in France, which is located at the south portion of the previous city gate and it contains around six million individuals’ remains. The place is decorated in a peculiar way and that’s why paranormal activities occur regularly.

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