5 Habits That Will Make You Look Older

5 Habits That Will Make You Look Older

Let’s be honest, we are not very good with our bodies and almost take it for granted. There are a few things we do, which turns out being cruel and bad on our system and make us look more aged than what our real age is.

Let us check out on a few things that we need to change or stop doing and try being gentle on ourselves:

Taking sunscreen lightly


Many a times, we turn out being cruel to our skin too. In case you were unaware, a lot of radiation is emitted though our skin and it moves down to the Earth and then it hits back to our skin, so is your first mark of defense all set and ready? Hence, be ready with your sunscreen and make your skin feel happy at the end of the day!

Incorrect application of skin products


Its gravity! Eventually our skin will start to age and sag as we get older but we have fortified ourselves with all kinds of magic creams and pledge to stick to it, so that we can fight away ageing. But the trick is you need to apply the creams the right way. If you don’t, it will start to age and droop faster than you can imagine. Apply it in downward motion (from down to up) and not from top to bottom. Do it gently.

Not removing your makeup


It turns out being quite tiresome several times to remove makeup and then go off to bed. Even though it might be a bit exhausting, make sure that you do not sleep with tons of it; else the toxins will stay on your skin overnight and might make their way into your skin.

Using a straw


You might feel a bit weird on this one however the way you pucker your mouth every time you sip from a straw, will start creating lines and form wrinkles around your mouth section.

Excessive cleaning


Yes it is good to have clear skin but cleaning it at all times will start removing essential natural oils which helps to keep your skin agile and soft. With time, your facial skin health will be greatly affected.


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