4 surprising Pokémon GO incidents all over the world

4 surprising Pokémon  GO incidents all over the world

In these days, Pokémon Go is the highest downloaded app on androids. This amazing gaming system has taken our all attraction. It has released just on sixth of July in New York. The game has captured our all attraction in a small gap of months, approximately two to three months. This Pokémon Go app has created some new excitement in our life and also led some creepy incidents that reported by the users. So here is a list of some wired and creepy incidents that happed by the app and reported by the users :

The amazing weird Pokémon app


Nowadays, adults are really busy with Pokémon app on their androids. There are many interesting new features in this app. The best part is the game is based on a cartoon ‘‘Pokémon’’.  The cartoon was about three Pokémon trainers and their never ending journey with the amazing and suspicious Pokémon. In your childhood, you have not missed an episode of this cartoon. And now you can live the Pokémon journey, be a Pokémon trainer and get your own Pokémon which you wanted in your childhood.  The actual fun part is that you have to find the Pokémon in real locations. The poke spots will help you to find the place. It can be your house, road, garden etc.

The Pokémon Go app helps police to capture a murder suspect criminal


Two Pokémon Go app users were playing the game when they saw a suspicious looking unknown man who was trying to disturb a woman and his children. The two users helped the police to captor the suspicious man by the Pokémon Go app. This incident has happened in California.

While playing the game a teenager has discovered a dead body


The user was playing the game in his free time which uses a GPS system to find the locations where the player will get the Pokémon. Following the GPS and the user has found a dead body. He reported to the police station and they collected the body.

Cemeteries are the hot stops of the game


The Pokémon Go is the new exiting gaming app.  The game is about finding a Pokémon and catches it in real place and the hotspots and the poke stops will help you to find the Pokémon’s. The Pokémon can appear in anywhere like your home, ground, road, even while you driving or walking. But the creepiest thing happened when one player has found the hotspot in a cemetery.

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