4 Quick And Fun Scientific Facts that Will Simplify Science

4 Quick And Fun Scientific Facts that Will Simplify Science

Why there are so many people who are very much afraid of science like it is a ghost? There are some students who are afraid of science as if it is an evil spirit that is haunting them throughout their school life and will be haunting them until they die. That is because of the way in which the subject is being taught in the school. Only the tasteless data and boring raw materials are served in schools. And these two things can never encourage anyone, especially the ones who are a bit slow in science. We are here providing some amazing facts about science that we hope inspire some students who are afraid of science, to take on the subject enthusiastically :


The length of the DNA in our body


You will be shocked to learn the length of the DNA in our body. The human genome that is the genetic code in each cell of the body of a human being contains 23 DNA molecules containing nucleotide pairs, which can be measured from 500 thousand to the amount of 2.5 million. If the DNA can be uncoiled, the length of the DNA will be 1.7 cm to 8.5 centimeter or an average length of 5 cm. The number of cells in our body is 38 trillion. And if each DNA of each cell is uncoiled, the total length of the DNA will be 2*10/4 meter. The length is long enough to draw a line from the sun to the Pluto 17 times or Pluto can cover up with the DNA for 17 times. In short, the length of the DNA is called 17 Pluto roundtrips.


The amount of bacteria in a human body


It is really funny how we wash hands before, take shower after a football match or put the napkin on our nose when someone sniff beside us because we in our body are carrying a large amount of bacteria. A human body carries 10 times more bacteria than the human cells. Though nothing to worry about because these bacteria are helpful. They produce the energy and the immune system in our body.


The journey of proton



the journey of this molecule discovered by Dr. Rutherford is quite funny. It takes 40,000 years to fulfill its journey from the sun’s core to the surface, but only 8 minutes to travel its way to the earth.

The mystery of the great barrier riff


If you are thinking that riff is consisted of corals only and cannot have any other features, then you are wrong. There are so many invert bred, soft bodied animals are connected with the corals of the riff.

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