4 Lesser Known Bizarre Mental Delusions

4 Lesser Known Bizarre Mental Delusions

There are lots of mental delusions, but only a few people know about them. Let’s have a look at the 4 bizarre mental delusions:


The Cotard Delusion


The Cotard Delusion is also known by two names- such as walking corpse syndrome and Cotard’s Syndrome. In this type of delusion the affected individual has the delusional belief that she or he is dead, does not exist or already lost internal organs or blood. Actually, those who suffer from the Cotard delusion will definitely deny that they really exist and that’s why it is quite hard for them to think about reality. The sufferers naturally withdraw from other people and never take care of themselves rightly. This syndrome is particularly found in those patients, who also suffer from schizophrenia.

Capgras Delusion


One of the major bizarre mental delusions is the Capgras delusion is also called Capgras syndrome. In such a syndrome the sufferer has a delusion that a parent, friend, spouse or any family member has been changed by an imposter, who is identical, but he or she is actually not the same person. The Capgras delusion is named after Joseph Capgras, a French physician, who for the first time defined the syndrome. Generally, capgras is linked with schizophrenia. However, the syndrome can happen because of dementia and brain damage. It can happen in acute, chronic types too. This form of delusion is also associated with reduplicative paramnesia, which is another kind of syndrome of delusional misidentification.



Derealization is often abbreviated as DR. It is a change in experience of the outside world that it seems like unreal, strange and not familiar like before. Derealizaton can badly affect taste, smell, hearing and sight. This kind of delusion may accompany the neurological problems of temporal lobe epilepsy, a mild head injury and migraine. It can happen indirectly as the result of some vestibular disorders, like vestibular neuronitis and labyrinthistis. Caffeine, nicotine, dissociatives, cannabis, and nitrous oxide are able to produce feelings that are similar to the feelings of derealization.

Reduplicative Paramnesia


Reduplicative Paramnesia, another strange delusional belief of our list of bizarre mental delusions, makes the affected person believe that either a particular location or place has actually duplicated, which exist in two or more locations concurrently or it is relocated to other place. This is a rare delusion, but it is linked with brain injury, especially concurrent damage to both the frontal lobes and to the cerebral hemisphere of the right side. For instance, reduplicative paramnesia happened to an aged Alzheimer’s patient, who had a belief that the clinic, which was treating her, has moved to another place. Arnold Pick, a psychiatrist had first used the term ‘reduplicative paramnesia’ in 1903.

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