4 Brilliant DIY Crafts To Make And Sell

4 Brilliant DIY Crafts To Make And Sell

Are you looking for a way to earn some extra money during this summer vacation? But are you feeling not so enthusiastic to go for a car wash job or working in the sales department of a grocery store? Do you want to work from home? Then we have an amazing idea for you. You can make some hand crafts at your home and sell them in your locality and the localities of your neighborhood. If you are already good enough in making crafts, then take these ideas and utilize them in making new kind of crafts that you have never made before. If you have never tried your hands in making art crafts, then read the easy points  given below to try your hands in making some beautiful art crafts :

Pallet plaques


 The photo frame is very easy to make. You may take the wooden pallet that is unicycle and paint them with color as you wish; if you like, you can cover the upper and lower portion of the frame with colorful papers, or colorful plastics. The frame looks so beautiful that you may want to keep the first one for yourself. This type of frame is very popular nowadays because it has a touch of both simplicity and elegance, yet it looks quite rustic. The famous gifts shops are selling these photo frames of wooden plates in a high range. If you can make some beautiful ones and can sell them in price that is lower than the price in the shops, you will make a huge profit.

Rope bowl 


As you can take the hint from the name that the bowl is made of rope. The rope bowl only looks hard to make and expensive but the method is quite easy. Take some ropes and glue, and a bowl. First, apply the glue at the end of the ropes and join them. Then coil the rope. And at last use the bowl to put the coiled rope into shape. In an hour you will be able to make so many. You may put vegetables, fruits, yarn, breads and yearn in this rope bowl.

Pallet coasters 


You can make these pallet coasters only with washy tape, craft sticks and glue. The pallets are to be packed carefully, but they are very light and can be packed easily in small shipping packets.

Mason jar prism light


It is not that hard to make as it sounds- take a small mason jar first and apply the glue to attach the glass stones on the jar, then put the LED lights in the jar. And the Mason jar will be ready. You can put blue, yellow, green, or any kind of glass stone.

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