3 Secret Cia Prisons No One Would Want To Visit

3 Secret Cia Prisons No One Would Want To Visit

As per reports and several investigative reports the US Central Intelligence Agency does have numerous human rights organizations, several media outlets on the main stream level together with so many ‘black sites’ too all around the world. These places and locations are said to be some dark, secret prisons and the inmates of these prisons were known as “ghost prisoners.” Those who are sent to these horrendous locations are not allowed fight or come across with any form of legal defense at the same time many of the captives here are being charged without any crime whatsoever!

Let us know about a few of these treacherous undisclosed prisons where the CIA together with their operatives use harsh techniques to torture captives, some of which being sleep deprivation, electric shocks, mortification, beating the captives and inflicting physical punishments, water boarding and worst of all things you can even imagine.

These secret prisons are located at different regions, all across the globe. Let us uncover and know a few of them:

Diego Garcia


This reef or an island of the Indian Ocean located 3,200 kilometers in the east of Tanzania and about 1,600 kilometers from the southern part of India is a secret prison. This region belongs to the UK as they claim it as being a part of the British Indian Ocean Territory.

During 1960s and 70’s, native people of the island were deported to Seychelles and Mauritius so that the US could build a massive military and naval ground, which is now known to be the Camp Thunder Cove. Even though it was stated by the UK that there are no ghost prisoners held in there anymore, however a report in 2015 stated that suspects of terrorist activities were brought to this atoll for special investigation.

Temara Interrogation Centre

Temara Interrogation Centre

You will be able to come across this interrogation center outside Rabat, Morocco. It is located in the density of a forest which is14 kilometers away from Rabat and is managed and functioned under the Directorate for the Surveillance of the Territory, which is a unit of the Moroccan Govt. Several reports also claim that Moroccan interrogators had persistently burned, mortified and disgraced, physically tortured, water boarded as well as electrocuted the inmates. The Associated Press in the year 2010 came out with the report that even though this centre was functioning under the Moroccan Govt., it was being financed by the CIA. However these clams so far have been denied by Morocco.



About 16 kilometers away from Lithuanian, there is a village called Antaviliai and there is a mystifying former riding school there. As per reports that came out in the Washington Post, in the year 2004, the very school got converted into a prison by the CIA. Reports also claim that this centre was the site where Al-Qaeda suspects were examined and cross-questioned, those who had been captured in Afghanistan.

A company named Elite LLC, which was a registered company in Washington, DC, in 2004 had purchased this company. The native and local people claim that they have noticed US contractors trying to dig into the property and work towards building an underground complex just under the main building.

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