3 scariest paranormal activities that claim to be true

3 scariest paranormal activities that claim to be true

There are so many stories about ghosts, so many about experiencing some paranormal activities. Some are written in book. Some are heard and guaranteed that they are absolutely true. True or not, read or heard, the stories of ghosts, fairies or any kind of paranormal activities are always a combination of fear and attraction. We are afraid of them yet we want to hear about them. So we are depicting here some stories of paranormal activities which claim to be absolutely true and can scare even the bravest ones :


Bloody Mary


 We are not talking about the wine that you would like to order with friends and relatives in a posh restaurant. We are talking about the daughter of Mad king Henry-viii, princess of Scotland- Mary. She was murdered in front of a mirror and it is said that if you have done an injustice to anyone and have caused their death before god had decided, then if no one else bloody Mary will definitely haunt you. It is said that if you play the game in front of a mirror then she will appear. Some foolish children have played the game and have caused their deaths.  So there are several evidences that this story is not a story entirely.

Highway Sheila


 Are you a good driver? Make it sure that you are, and have never caused any accident or at least an accident that can take someone’s life, especially if you are in South Africa. It is a story that has been proved to be true for many times that at night if you are driving alone on the roads of South Africa a beautiful lady might appear on the road to ask for a lift. After sometimes you will not be able to see the lady beside you because she is by that time wandering on the road and her legs are not touching the ground. The story of Highway Sheila has been haunting the streets of America mainly for many a decade’s but the origin of this story is South Africa. Many decades ago a girl was killed in car accident and was left there alone to die. It is said that Highway Sheila returns to take her revenge on the motor car riders.

Seven fairies or seven sisters


 It is said that these seven sisters reside in a tree or a river. And every mid day around 12 noon they come out of their residence and start to play. And any human being who will go near them will be possessed by these fairies.


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