3 disturbing origins of your beloved fairytales

3 disturbing origins of your beloved fairytales


Remember the days of our childhood when mothers or grandmothers used to tell beautiful stories of beautiful and innocent princesses and handsome and gallant princes. We used to love that. We could not sleep without the stories. But what if the innocent stories have something that we do not know. A darker side. What if the sugarcoated stories have a gloomy origin? We are here providing a list of some our favorite fairy tales which have some disturbing origins that we were never told in our childhood. If you are a fan of Disney prince, princess and the fairy tales wedding of the dream world, then beware because this is anything, but innocent.

Hansel and Gretel


The simple innocent story of the two brothers and sister has quite a realistic touch. The two siblings were abandoned by their parents because of the famine and went into the woods. The background of the story resembles the famine of 1315- 1317 when many parents actually abandoned their children to escape the death by starvation. The whole of the England was massacred by mass death, crime, and cannibalism. And cannibalism is also a main feature of this fairy tale.

Little Red Riding Hood


The actual version of the story is quite disturbing. In the 1697 version by Charles Perrault the Little Red Riding Hood actually eats her grandmother. The wolf come to the house, tears her grandmother and serves her gut to the granddaughter. Without having any doubt that the person serving her food is not her grandmother but a wolf and Red Riding Hood ate the food and in this way she cannibalized her own grandmother. After the dinner the wolf in the disguise of her grandmother ordered Red Riding Hood to sleep naked in the bed. As she did not have any clue what was going to happen she did so and got eaten by the wolf. Only in 19th century Brothers Grimm saved the day by introducing a huntsman in the story who killed the wolf and saved the child.

Little Mermaid


At first, the Little Mermaid had to trade her sweet singing voice to get legs, then later in the version of Hans Christian Anderson she traded her tongue. The horror part in the story is that each step she took to become a human being, a sharp knife cut off her old limbs. The worst part is that she must be married with the prince within the sunset of the next day otherwise she will be turned into sea foam.

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