The 3 most bizarre and weird disappearances

The 3 most bizarre and weird disappearances

Many of you must have heard about the incidents of the hijacking and vanishing of the D.B. Copper and the congressman Hegel Boles who disappeared suddenly while flying upon Alaska. One of the most shocking disappearing incidents might be of the aviatrix Amelia Earhart.

The incident of the disappearances happens because of two reasons. Either someone voluntarily kidnaps someone to make his or her way clear to the achievement of something that cannot be achieved without killing the person or someone deliberately disappears in order to escape punishment for any crime, family issues, or to leave everything behind and start from the fresh. Whatever the reasons may be there are some interesting incident disappearances about which there are so many rumors still there and police and detective have not been able to solve the case :

Annette Sagers 


 In 1987, on October 21, Korrina Sagers Malinowski was reported as disappeared when she did not show up for work that day in her office, she was neither in her house though and mysteriously her car was found parked in front of Holly Mount Plantation. However, this is not the bizarre part. A year later her 8 year old daughter Annette Sager was waiting for the school bus in front of the same Holy Mount Plantation was vanished. She was there at the bus stop but when the school bus arrived she was suddenly vanished. However, a note was written that suggested that she came back and she went with her. In 2000, Annette’s dead body was found buried in Summit Country. But where did she go is still a mystery.

Benjamin Bathurst


 The famous British diplomat was vanished from an inn near Berlin. He was returning from Vienna to London. On his way back he stopped at an inn near Berlin for fresh food and fresh horses. When he was told that his horses were ready he told his assistant that he will be found in the carriage and excused himself. But when the assistant went to the carriage he could not find Bathurst there. There was no trace of him anywhere. He was vanished during the Napoleonic war. So the British government accused the French for this abduction. But Napoleon Bonaparte himself offered his help to find Bathurst, but he was never found.

Margaret Kilcoyne


She was a famous cardiologist in the Columbia University. One day she asked her brother to come to her house. Her brother came to her house but she was gone. Her coat was in the closet, her shoes were there on the floor but she was gone. The house was searched, but no clues were found.

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