10 Famous Dead Bodies That You Can Actually Visit

10 Famous Dead Bodies That You Can Actually Visit

Psychologists say that human beings love to get scared. They do not know the fact consciously but they do. There is an unconscious part in our psyche that craves for unusual, abnormal and creepy things. That is why movies like paranormal activity, the exorcist, the conjuring are so famous. Some people do not dare to experience any more interaction with any other creepy things. On the contrary, there are people who love to get new experiences. They constantly need new creepy projects to entertain themselves. That is why sometimes the detective stories, mystery movies, scary movies or true crime stories get old and do not excite them anymore.

Are you among one of them? Getting bored with the mumbo jumbo of the ghost thrillers mystery thrillers and stories from crime petrol? Then you are provided here with a stronger dose. You cannot experience a handshake with the spirits in the scary movies or cannot share your ideas with police or he detectives but what if you can visit a dead body that is three thousand years old? What if you can actually see the real face of the person about whom you have only read in history books? Yes, it is possible. The dead body of young king Tutankhamen, Saint Bernadette, Vladimir Lenin is still preserved in the museums of Egypt, France and Russia.

  1. King Tutankhamen- the six year old boy king of Egypt died approximately three thousand years ago. Still he is a mystery for the historians as well as the common people. No historians have been able to provide a suitable explanation for the death of this young king. There are more gossips and mystery talks about this king than the scientific factors. If you ever visit the tomb of Tutankhamen, the gossips rather the scientific facts will help you more to feel creepiness of the place.
  2. Saint Bernadette- when she was just sixteen she started to see the visions of Virgin Mary. None trusted her stories but she wrote them in her diary that is also preserved. At the age thirty five she died and surprisingly when she was tried to exhumed nothing happened to her body. Finally, a lair of wax was applied on her skin and her body is still sleeping in the coffin of the Reveres museum of France.
  3. Vladimir Lenin- the Russian political leader died in 1924, but his followers did not take a moment to embalm his body to preserve it. The body is still so perfect that it looks like that the great leader is just taking a nap and will soon rise from his sleep to set on a revolution.
  4. Lady Dai- not only Europe and Africa, but Asia is also an expert in mummification. The body of Lady Dai was covered with four layers within four boxes. When she was found the body was still in moist. Scientists have no idea how the Chinese did that in around 178 to 145 bc.

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