6 Bizzare Phobias and Fears People Deal With

6 Bizzare Phobias and Fears People Deal With


Many people suffer from many types of irrational fears. Actually these illogical fears just set in the mind of persons without any reason. One should try to get rid of these unnecessary habits or else he or she will make their life a hell. Let us discuss some of the phobias which people generally suffer from.


Fear of Crossing the Street


When a person suffers from this fear, he or she feels afraid to cross a street, a main road or a highway alone. It brings so much uneasiness for those persons that eventually they decide to leave the city and stay in a remote place. The sufferers are so much terrorized from within that they need someone to make them cross the road or the highway. They fear that a car may come and hit them.


Fear of Cooking


Here the sufferer is afraid of cooking because he or she thinks that they might get burnt and get injured badly. They stop cooking or going close to the fire. This disorder is very devastating and finally leads the person to eat unhealthy eating habits. People suffering from this strange fear become tremendously scared from those people who can cook well. These threats become the main cause of mageirocophobia to that person. One suffering from such fear should learn to cook well to overcome this fear.


Fear of Mother-in-Law

3. Pentheraphobia – Fear of mother-in-laws


This fear is mainly found in housewives who have mother-in-laws in the house. These housewives fear that their mother-in –laws will cause some sort of physical or mental harm to them. These married women start thinking of divorcing their partners and living alone. This is sickness of mind. A woman suffering from this fear should intermingle with her husband’s mother and start being co-operative. If here is any issue, one should try resolving it at the soonest.


Fear of Dolls


This is a very illogical fear. He or she starts fearing dolls, not only scary dolls but all kinds of dolls. This is a terror of fake symbol of conscious beings, such as robots or mannequins. The sufferer thinks that the doll might come alive all of a sudden and start moving.


Fear of Dinner Conversation


Many people dislike dinner conversations and so they prefer to eat alone. They get terrified talking to others while dining. They feel awkward to talk to people over the dinner table. He or she gets mentally disturbed. Such people shun all types of parties as they have to eat with other persons. Previously, chatting or talking with other people while eating was considered out of good manners, but nowadays the times have changed and this rule is set aside. One should try to overcome this fear by attending more parties and functions.


Fear of Mirrors


This is an extraordinary fear where the person thinks that he or she may come in contact with the spiritual world. This is a very irrational fear and creates unnecessary worries to the sufferer. This is nothing but false notion which one should overcome. Remember, believing in superstitious things disturbs one’s mind and creates unnecessary anxieties and worries.



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